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חוסר התקדמות בלידה - המשמעות לתינוק

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Dysfunctional labor and delivery: adverse effects on offspring

ובתרגום לעברית - לידה לא יעילה. נזקים אפשריים ליילוד.

Dysfunctional labor and delivery: adverse effects on offspring
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המאמר מיועד לצוות מקצועי ומתייחס להגדרות היבשות של 'שלב לטנטי מאורך' ו'עצירת לידה פעילה'.

מצורף סיכום באנגלית (ai)

How Dysfunctional Labor and Delivery Can Affect Your Baby's Health

 There is no doubt that parturition can produce fetal and neonatal adversity,

but the frequency with which this occurs is uncertain, particularly in

modern healthcare settings.

 * Dysfunctional labor patterns, objectively defined, are potentially associated with poor outcomes for surviving infants. This adversity is influenced substantially by the delivery


*  The proportion of long-term neurologic

disability attributable to labor and delivery is as yet uncertain. Most handicapping fetal injuries probably accrue during intrauterine life before labor, but a substantial proportion are

attributable to problems encountered in labor or at delivery.

*  Most infants born after a prolonged latent phase do well, but this disorder is associated with significantly worse perinatal outcome compared with normal labor patterns.

*  Both protracted active phase dilatation and protracted descent are associated with adverse fetal and neonatal outcomes. Whether these unfavorable effects can be mitigated by early diagnosis and expeditious management is not known.

*  Increased rates of perinatal deaths and childhood neurologic and cognitive disability in association with arrest disorders have been documented.

*  The direct relationship between the duration of arrest disorders and the risk of neurologic or cognitive disability indicates the importance of prompt recognition and safe management

of abnormal labor progress.

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